Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have to tell you how much we love this fun trip to Disneyland! We went at the first part of June but since Chi Chi died I was kinda not in the mood to blog! So I am finally blogging about how much we love stroller passes and Micky Mouse! We drove there with both of the kids! They were both extremely good. Not that much whining or crying. We drove to Vegas on our way down and stayed at the Excalibur and boy did Bodey think that was cool staying in a Castle with real Knights!

This was Jon and Bodey at the Hotel eating Dinner in Las Vegas!

The next Morning we went to Anaheim and had such a great time! WE hit Disney and went to the beach, the Aquarium at long beach and we went to Medieval Times! OMG! Bodey kept asking Jon if it was real! Jon kept saying, "no Bodey its fake" but Bodey would ask, "Are you sure? It looks real?" We just had a great time! It was cold the whole time so JON was in heaven! The rest of us were a little bummed but Oh well it was a blast!

First day at Disneyland! I don't think Bodey was happy at all!!!

Star Tours a.k.a Heaven for Boys!

She wasn't quite sure about this! That's a Dad for ya!

Cutest Mini Mouse in the world!

If Bodey could live at the Lego store he would!

So sweet! Didi is not a hunch back I think it's the shirt!

Medieval Times! We were the red and yellow knight! Aren't they cuties? This pictures makes me want to eat them up!

I wish I could post all my pictures. We had so many cute ones but that would take me a year and I don't think that anyone really cares! :) So I just posted the favorites! We didn't have a lot together but I hate asking people to take my pictures. I feel stupid! Anyways it was so fun and I can't wait until next year to go again!!!