Thursday, March 26, 2009

All my many blessings!

First of all I would like to say Thank You to all my well wishes when I had my surgery. I am feeling so much better. Today was the first day I could really work out, not my wimpy work out. I am was able to do some mean spin!!! You know I got a lot of comments that they were sorry for my loss and I was shocked. I was never able to be sorry for my loss. It was such a whirlwind and I was just lost. So this last month I really reflected on my family and what a blessing my son is. I have a hard time getting pregnant again, not one time in all of this have I thought what an incredible miracle Bodey really is. He has been amazing ever since he was born. You know it is funny he is a lot like me. We are very similar, but we get along great. He has always adored me, and I the same for him. We are incredibly close and have a great bond. I am so lucky to have such a great Son. Then I thought about my husband and all the he must be going through. He had to keep it all together, make sure I was OK and the kids were OK and clean the house. (Cleaning is very hard for my family we mess it up faster then we clean.) He never complained unless my high maintenance's got in the way. (Like folding the towels so they look nice in the closet, and many, many more...) I want to thank him for loving me anyways! Then there is Didi and wow did she come at the right time. I heard this saying on the radio the other morning and I started to cry because it kinda describes how I feel. "Enjoy the journey, it may take you somewhere unexpected." I feel like if she would of not came in our life when she did then my recovery would of been filled with a lot of "poor me", and feeling very sad. She filled up all of that time of despair and put in her happiness which in return made me very happy. She makes the journey worth taking. Foster care is hard and sad, and you think "why am I doing this?" Then you just feel love for these kids. And I know they need us, they need all of us. We need them too just as much! "Enjoy the Journey"

Monday, March 2, 2009

My child has selective hearing!

So the other day I realized that every time I say something to Bodey he can't hear me! This is all by choice it is called selective hearing. The other day I said grab 2 toys to take to Nany's house and this is what he brought down.
So i took a picture because it was priceless! The blue thing behind him is a shovel that is strapped on him. He said Papa has a hard time shoveling by his self! He thought I said, "Bring everything you can bring down in one trip!"
So then like, I think the same weekend I told him to go up in his room and clean up all the marbles that were scattered all over the floor.
Yes he is asleep! He went up stairs and laid on top of them and went to sleep. How in the world does someone fall asleep on top of marbles?
You know the funny thing is that I thought that he was looking under his bed at first getting the marbles that strayed. I thought he is doing so good. Then like 15 minutes later he hadn't moved so then I knew he thought I said; "Go up stairs and sleep on all those marbles!"