Thursday, November 19, 2009

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Update on our sweet little Didi

Well I have decided to just give a quick update to the Deedster! We call her that but I mean Didi! Since I have been very neglectful on our blog! Tomorrow (that's Tuesday) we are going to the court house to watch her birth parents sign the Consent To Adopt. Everyone knows we just love her little guts so we are super excited to have her in our lives. SO I will up date again and make sure everyone knows that they did sign. Then in 60-90 days we will be a family (on paper, in our hearts we already are).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have to tell you how much we love this fun trip to Disneyland! We went at the first part of June but since Chi Chi died I was kinda not in the mood to blog! So I am finally blogging about how much we love stroller passes and Micky Mouse! We drove there with both of the kids! They were both extremely good. Not that much whining or crying. We drove to Vegas on our way down and stayed at the Excalibur and boy did Bodey think that was cool staying in a Castle with real Knights!

This was Jon and Bodey at the Hotel eating Dinner in Las Vegas!

The next Morning we went to Anaheim and had such a great time! WE hit Disney and went to the beach, the Aquarium at long beach and we went to Medieval Times! OMG! Bodey kept asking Jon if it was real! Jon kept saying, "no Bodey its fake" but Bodey would ask, "Are you sure? It looks real?" We just had a great time! It was cold the whole time so JON was in heaven! The rest of us were a little bummed but Oh well it was a blast!

First day at Disneyland! I don't think Bodey was happy at all!!!

Star Tours a.k.a Heaven for Boys!

She wasn't quite sure about this! That's a Dad for ya!

Cutest Mini Mouse in the world!

If Bodey could live at the Lego store he would!

So sweet! Didi is not a hunch back I think it's the shirt!

Medieval Times! We were the red and yellow knight! Aren't they cuties? This pictures makes me want to eat them up!

I wish I could post all my pictures. We had so many cute ones but that would take me a year and I don't think that anyone really cares! :) So I just posted the favorites! We didn't have a lot together but I hate asking people to take my pictures. I feel stupid! Anyways it was so fun and I can't wait until next year to go again!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A tribute to Chi Chi!

As for any of you that don't know we lost our little sweet dog Chi Chi. She was hit by a car and was killed instantly. She was the best dog. A little crazy but so loved! My son was so sad, we had a funeral for her and it was really sad. We found out on the last day of trip. We were at my in laws in Mesquite. My little nephew was witness to the whole thing and was so upset, he is only 2 and he cried for 3 hours I guess. As sad as it is my son Bodey which is one of the most tenderhearted kids I know asked me if dogs go to heaven. I said yes, thinking that was it. He then asked about the big gates into heaven if they were real. I just said, "I think so." He then proceeded to ask if we should pray because Chi Chi is such a little dog they might not see her to open the gate. So we prayed and asked god to keep the gates open for Chi Chi. I thought that was the most sweetest thing. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So here is our sweet Chi Chi I hope you all enjoy

Chi Chi loved car rides so much we always had to sneak out or take her with.

Christmas morning!!!This was the morning Bodey and Chi Chi met

This Picture of Didi and Chi Chi is most fitting because that flower in the hat and those glasses. Chi Chi ate them! I was so mad and now who cares its just stuff!

This is Chi Chi on my lap. This was our favorite thing. I watched Grey's and Chi Chi snuggled!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Young to Old in 3 minutes

When is the moment that we become adults to our kids! I remember being a kid, I remember thinking that I am young, That was at noon on today; then at 12:03 my son told me I was too old to play with him and the blocks. What!!! I thought I was young fun Mom! No! I am old, embarrassing Mom. I am becoming my Mom!!! AHA!!!

Well one day I will be young mom again. I know this because My mom is Young Fun Mom now. She is one of my favorites to hang out with. So she was like 46 when I thought that so I a have like.... a while... yes I can add....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where did the time go?

Just yesterday Bodey was 18 months, We forget how small they really were and how small they still are. Today I had a very bad mom moment. You know the ones where if you were on film you would feel so stupid. No hitting just yelling for nothing. So I had to reevaluate and take him to school so that I didn't kill him! ;) It was just one of those mornings that I had to realise that he is still small and sweet and I have to have some patients.

He is not 3 anymore, as much as I want him to be he is just not and will never be again. I wish I could remember ever second of his age, this was one of my favorite times of his life. He was such
the best talker. When he was 3 he talked like a 10yr old. He loved to sing and dance in the frontroom with me, now I can't even get him to do it when nobody watching.

He is soooo 5 and it is soooo much fun. He loves to play army and Star Wars. He hums the tune to Star Wars all day everyday (drives me up a wall). He loves to go to the park with his friends, He talks back and has an attitude but what kid doesn't. He eats like a horse, and is skin and bones. How in envy him. He is so friendly and cute. He loves sports and plays them all. He is naturally good at MOST of them, no NBA contracts for him I don't think. He looks so much like me when I was that age. We are twins. Well this is my happy story of my not to perfect life and this is one of the best parts of me. I hope you all enjoyed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Didi! Is she mine?

We go through this daily, the roller coaster ride of foster care! She feels like ours and she acts like us. Then I have to take her to visit her other parents and I feel so torn. I know that if she went back to them her life wold be full of turmoil. It would be very confusing and very hard. No family vacations, no one really to pay attention to her, no one to just take her hiking (my passion) in this wonderful city of hiking ! Her life would be full of selfishness and poor me. How can I give her back, then I think I don't have to give her back I will never have to give her back. The Universe just won't allow her to go, she is too happy to go back to such a sad place. If you believe in the Law of Attraction then you know Like attracts Like and she is not like them.

To change the subject and be happy, speaking of the Law of Attraction I decided to paint Didi's room and I don't have a ton of money so I did her whole room furniture and all for about $150.00. It looks so cute. I went to the DI and got her dresser and redid it. I then bought a changing table at another thrift place and redid that. My husbands boss gave us a 20 year old crib that is in the best shape and I redid it and it is beautiful! I then redid a chair that I stole from my parents and had my mother in law redo the cushions. It looks so cute. I thought I would tell the Universe that I am moving on with her! If anything it makes me feel good when I walk in her room. It is the only room done in the whole house and it has really good Chi.

There are better pictures and I still have a few finishing touches to do. But I am crafting them so anyone that knows me knows that I am a flake and only finish half of my projects so we will see how it goes!

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Lagoon Day of the Season!

You know we are from Utah when we get excited for the Lagoon! This year was so fun to take Bodey though! Every year we get a season pass and we have to go like 10 to 15 times a year! Super fun!!! This year my little nephew went and man he doesn't like rides! It is so funny! Bodey is so fun to take on the rides because he loves them all and he laughs the whole time! We just have a ball!
He hated them! We all just had to laugh because he was a little scaredy pants!

He did a little better on these! But still not that fun!

This is Bodey and I on the White Roller Coaster! Not that great of a picture of me (how many chins am I sporting?) but we were so excited because this was his first time riding it! He is still a little too short but they didn't check and we got right on. He loved every minute of it!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well here is our fun little Easter! We had a good time. I really love how I can get together our families and just have a good time! Jon and I are so lucky to have the wonderful parents we do. They just seem to get it! We all went to the park and flew kites and ate ribs and fished it was so fun. Here are my pics of the day! Bodey in his Easter Basket. I wish I would of got a pic of it befor he tore into it. Jon and I really did a good job. Very professional looking the bunny would of been proud. Must be tough having to open presents and then have to play with them too! Whew!
Jon thought I was cruel when I bought this. (Flash back to the Movie A Christmas Story) It ended being cute though!
This is my Jon and Grandma flying a kite. My Grandma Payton was so into this. She was even running. That is really funny if you know her!
And we can't forget about the Egg Hunt! Thanks Grandma Gloria it was super fun! We love all of our family and that we can live so close to all of you!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

All my many blessings!

First of all I would like to say Thank You to all my well wishes when I had my surgery. I am feeling so much better. Today was the first day I could really work out, not my wimpy work out. I am was able to do some mean spin!!! You know I got a lot of comments that they were sorry for my loss and I was shocked. I was never able to be sorry for my loss. It was such a whirlwind and I was just lost. So this last month I really reflected on my family and what a blessing my son is. I have a hard time getting pregnant again, not one time in all of this have I thought what an incredible miracle Bodey really is. He has been amazing ever since he was born. You know it is funny he is a lot like me. We are very similar, but we get along great. He has always adored me, and I the same for him. We are incredibly close and have a great bond. I am so lucky to have such a great Son. Then I thought about my husband and all the he must be going through. He had to keep it all together, make sure I was OK and the kids were OK and clean the house. (Cleaning is very hard for my family we mess it up faster then we clean.) He never complained unless my high maintenance's got in the way. (Like folding the towels so they look nice in the closet, and many, many more...) I want to thank him for loving me anyways! Then there is Didi and wow did she come at the right time. I heard this saying on the radio the other morning and I started to cry because it kinda describes how I feel. "Enjoy the journey, it may take you somewhere unexpected." I feel like if she would of not came in our life when she did then my recovery would of been filled with a lot of "poor me", and feeling very sad. She filled up all of that time of despair and put in her happiness which in return made me very happy. She makes the journey worth taking. Foster care is hard and sad, and you think "why am I doing this?" Then you just feel love for these kids. And I know they need us, they need all of us. We need them too just as much! "Enjoy the Journey"

Monday, March 2, 2009

My child has selective hearing!

So the other day I realized that every time I say something to Bodey he can't hear me! This is all by choice it is called selective hearing. The other day I said grab 2 toys to take to Nany's house and this is what he brought down.
So i took a picture because it was priceless! The blue thing behind him is a shovel that is strapped on him. He said Papa has a hard time shoveling by his self! He thought I said, "Bring everything you can bring down in one trip!"
So then like, I think the same weekend I told him to go up in his room and clean up all the marbles that were scattered all over the floor.
Yes he is asleep! He went up stairs and laid on top of them and went to sleep. How in the world does someone fall asleep on top of marbles?
You know the funny thing is that I thought that he was looking under his bed at first getting the marbles that strayed. I thought he is doing so good. Then like 15 minutes later he hadn't moved so then I knew he thought I said; "Go up stairs and sleep on all those marbles!"

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Jon and Bodey decided to take full advantage of the new snow and went to the park by our house. I couldn't go still recuperating. We got like everyone else about 2 feet of fresh snow it was awesome! Well we don't have to shovel so to others it might not be that awesome! It looks like Bodey is crying in the pic above but he is really laughing. Jon lost the charger to my nice camera so we have to use his dinky one. Hopefully we will find it when it is spring. Can't wait to clean I love to spring clean.
So then we went to my Moms house and they made a snow man. My mom and Bodey and my brother Kolby but he didn't want to be in any pictures! It is the best snow man ever. He looks so Rasta that you know that snowman parties!

So my Mom is was trying to get her and Bodey in the same pic but this is as close as they got! She loves the snow man as much as Bodey does!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I hate the hospital!

So I thought if you didn't know I should tell you since i keep getting yelled at for not telling people! This is the story! I found out I was prego like 2 weeks ago but then I went to the Doctor and found out there was no heartbeat and so I had to get a a D&C. So I was kinda bumbed but then again it has happened before so I was kinda prepared for the worst so we took it pretty good. I went to have a D&C on Friday and was fine but I wasn't getting any better. I was getting worse. I had the worst pains and was so sick. So on Monday at like 12:30 a.m. I had my Mom come over and Jon too me to the hospital! They admitted me and with a series of events that followed they found a ectopic pregnancy. The sack that they originally found was nothing no embryo nothing. Weird! So I had to get emergency surgery and they had to remove the tube. Then later after the surgery I was in my room and I started to bleed out of my wound so bad the Doctor had to come back and put in stitches. It was kinda funny. Jon and I were the calmest people in the room. The nurses were frantic and were getting ready for me to go into shock or something. So I am fine and am going to live. But now I am lefty as my cousin Mandie asked what to call me now. This was for people that care, if you don't I am sorry for the graphic nature!
I have to say this. I knew something wasn't right but I kept making excuses for it. That mistake really could of killed me. If it wasn't for my husband saying lets go now I would be in way worse shape so listen to your body, it doesn't lie.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Well I thought since I haven't posted in a while I should. Thanks for all the great comments on Baby Didi. I am so excited to have her. I have no idea if we get to keep her though. I want to keep her if we can but we can't imagine someone giving up on this amazing baby. She sleeps all night and smiles and laughs all that time. We all just love her to death.

We are so blessed to have her in our lives right now! Bodey really just loves her to death he always wants to hold her and to feed her. He has a real short attention span so it only lasts a second.You know when we first got her, she wouldn't let us hold her for a long time. She wouldn't look at us. She would look away a lot. She was so neglected that she didn't really know what it was like to have someone pay attention to her. Now she just loves it! She is so aware of her surroundings now and just loves the attention. She loves to suck her thumb. I think it is and has always been her comfort. We have made great strides with her just by doing what comes natural to us. I think it is so sad that it just doesn't come natural to all people. She is an amazing child and I think she will be a great adult if given the chance. I pray for her that she will be given great opportunities and the tools to be able to follow them.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby DeeDee!

Well we have a had a very exciting past couple of days! We got a call and asked if we would take in a Baby for Foster/Adopt! It is a girl she is almost 3 months old! So cute we just all love her to death. She has a terrible name so we are calling her DeeDee! I won't put her real name just in case I offend someone!

Bodey is really excited if you can believe that! He just loves her. She has that about her! Easy to fall in love with!

One last pic, Sleeping babes are so cute! I hope to get one of her smiling one day! She has a great smile!