Monday, April 20, 2009

First Lagoon Day of the Season!

You know we are from Utah when we get excited for the Lagoon! This year was so fun to take Bodey though! Every year we get a season pass and we have to go like 10 to 15 times a year! Super fun!!! This year my little nephew went and man he doesn't like rides! It is so funny! Bodey is so fun to take on the rides because he loves them all and he laughs the whole time! We just have a ball!
He hated them! We all just had to laugh because he was a little scaredy pants!

He did a little better on these! But still not that fun!

This is Bodey and I on the White Roller Coaster! Not that great of a picture of me (how many chins am I sporting?) but we were so excited because this was his first time riding it! He is still a little too short but they didn't check and we got right on. He loved every minute of it!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well here is our fun little Easter! We had a good time. I really love how I can get together our families and just have a good time! Jon and I are so lucky to have the wonderful parents we do. They just seem to get it! We all went to the park and flew kites and ate ribs and fished it was so fun. Here are my pics of the day! Bodey in his Easter Basket. I wish I would of got a pic of it befor he tore into it. Jon and I really did a good job. Very professional looking the bunny would of been proud. Must be tough having to open presents and then have to play with them too! Whew!
Jon thought I was cruel when I bought this. (Flash back to the Movie A Christmas Story) It ended being cute though!
This is my Jon and Grandma flying a kite. My Grandma Payton was so into this. She was even running. That is really funny if you know her!
And we can't forget about the Egg Hunt! Thanks Grandma Gloria it was super fun! We love all of our family and that we can live so close to all of you!