Saturday, February 21, 2009


Jon and Bodey decided to take full advantage of the new snow and went to the park by our house. I couldn't go still recuperating. We got like everyone else about 2 feet of fresh snow it was awesome! Well we don't have to shovel so to others it might not be that awesome! It looks like Bodey is crying in the pic above but he is really laughing. Jon lost the charger to my nice camera so we have to use his dinky one. Hopefully we will find it when it is spring. Can't wait to clean I love to spring clean.
So then we went to my Moms house and they made a snow man. My mom and Bodey and my brother Kolby but he didn't want to be in any pictures! It is the best snow man ever. He looks so Rasta that you know that snowman parties!

So my Mom is was trying to get her and Bodey in the same pic but this is as close as they got! She loves the snow man as much as Bodey does!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I hate the hospital!

So I thought if you didn't know I should tell you since i keep getting yelled at for not telling people! This is the story! I found out I was prego like 2 weeks ago but then I went to the Doctor and found out there was no heartbeat and so I had to get a a D&C. So I was kinda bumbed but then again it has happened before so I was kinda prepared for the worst so we took it pretty good. I went to have a D&C on Friday and was fine but I wasn't getting any better. I was getting worse. I had the worst pains and was so sick. So on Monday at like 12:30 a.m. I had my Mom come over and Jon too me to the hospital! They admitted me and with a series of events that followed they found a ectopic pregnancy. The sack that they originally found was nothing no embryo nothing. Weird! So I had to get emergency surgery and they had to remove the tube. Then later after the surgery I was in my room and I started to bleed out of my wound so bad the Doctor had to come back and put in stitches. It was kinda funny. Jon and I were the calmest people in the room. The nurses were frantic and were getting ready for me to go into shock or something. So I am fine and am going to live. But now I am lefty as my cousin Mandie asked what to call me now. This was for people that care, if you don't I am sorry for the graphic nature!
I have to say this. I knew something wasn't right but I kept making excuses for it. That mistake really could of killed me. If it wasn't for my husband saying lets go now I would be in way worse shape so listen to your body, it doesn't lie.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Well I thought since I haven't posted in a while I should. Thanks for all the great comments on Baby Didi. I am so excited to have her. I have no idea if we get to keep her though. I want to keep her if we can but we can't imagine someone giving up on this amazing baby. She sleeps all night and smiles and laughs all that time. We all just love her to death.

We are so blessed to have her in our lives right now! Bodey really just loves her to death he always wants to hold her and to feed her. He has a real short attention span so it only lasts a second.You know when we first got her, she wouldn't let us hold her for a long time. She wouldn't look at us. She would look away a lot. She was so neglected that she didn't really know what it was like to have someone pay attention to her. Now she just loves it! She is so aware of her surroundings now and just loves the attention. She loves to suck her thumb. I think it is and has always been her comfort. We have made great strides with her just by doing what comes natural to us. I think it is so sad that it just doesn't come natural to all people. She is an amazing child and I think she will be a great adult if given the chance. I pray for her that she will be given great opportunities and the tools to be able to follow them.