Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Cheer

Well Christmas was so fun and exciting. I was so excited this year I felt like a little kid again, but this time instead of waiting for Santa, I was able to be Santa. I was so thrilled because I was able to give him a puppy. He wanted one and well we all wanted one or needed one? Which ever it feels great. Bodey has just loved her ever since Christmas morning. He was so excited, and torn because he loved his puppy but all the other presents that Santa brought looked mighty good too! It was fun to watch him open all of his gifts and to see all the family. I love Christmas for that reason.

Since the puppy has arrived at our house they have been together everyday. If Bodey isn't carrying her around then she is following him to where ever they are going. It is too cute. She is part Mexican and part Chinese. Just kidding she is Chihuahua / Shih Tzu but she looks completely Chihuahua. She has a twin sister they were born in the same sack and everything my cousin has her but they look completely different. It is so weird.

Bodey picked the name Chi Chi for her. (I know kinda embarrassing. What can I say Bodey is a BOOB man). My cousins kids named their dog Daisey. Daisey has floppy ears and is much bigger you cant tell by this photo but it is true. They are so cute. They wrestled the whole time they were together it was a Hilarius. This is the picture where Chi Chi is trying to get Daisey down the stairs. My cousins kid finally just pushed her down it was funny. Chi Chi just goes up and down and is into everything so it was fun to see the differences. They were much better dog owners than us. Daisey can already sit and stay. Chi Chi can run from us and poop in the house. If any of you have seen Marley and Me the movie. That is Jon and I we have no control when it comes to animals. We are just idiots when they can't talk to us so we will be buying obedience school for our new addition.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Halloween in December??

I am so bad, I know that I am seriously a flake but I just had to get these picks out of the boys on Halloween. They are so funny and I didn't realize that I didn't get them off the camera. I made them pose and they weren't excited but I dangled some candy in front of them and then they settled right down. I know bad parent but smart parent. HEHE...

Bodey thought he was pretty cool. He just had to have is face painted, against my better judgement. I kept saying it is going to get everywhere and it did. Oh well I think it is the OCD in me to say no to everything that is fun to a kid. I think because if it is fun to a kid then it is probably messy. That means more work for me!!!

This is Bodey surprise he is a army man. All my neighbors said to Bodey "I thought you were going to dress up". Bodey runs around the neighborhood in army everything everyday!!!

This is Tyler and Gage my foster kids that went home but they look so cute I just had to show them. Gage was so mad he had to be a pumpkin. We had a Army man a Police Man and a Pumpkin. He was ticked, but then everyone started saying how cute he looks and he warmed up to it pretty fast. I still miss the heck out of them but it is a lot easier without them. I think they taught me the easy isn't always better! Unless it is cleaning my house:)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday Blues

I am so sad that now my Bodey is 5. I am so happy and sad at the same time. I love that he doesn't wear a diaper, he can feed himself and in the mornings when we are getting ready he is a lot of help. But other than those things he is growing so fast. I guess the saying is true "Time flies when you are having fun." We are so luck to have this time with our kids and to watch them grow is so amazing. I remember Bodeys first dream, He came in my room one morning so excited. He was about 2 1/2 (and if you know Bodey he talked very good for his age. ) He said "Mom!!! I went to the Moon Last night!!! I was with Andrew and this guy named I can't remember is name!!! We went to the Moon!!" I laughed so hard and said to him" Did you have a dream?" He sat there a minute and said, "It was a dream, I didn't know that you went to the moon while you were sleeping." Those little moments that just make you laugh and cry and sometimes do both at the same time. (IF you are a Moore you totally understand.) They make it all worth every bit of hard ships you would ever have as a Mom.

We took Bodey and 10 Friends and their parents to Toads Family Fun Center! That was so fun. We played laser tag and all the adults played too. We bought pizza played video games and to tell you the truth it was really not that bad of a price. That Jimmy that owns the place really took care of us. You know what I loved this idea, this sounds bad but I loved that I didn't have to buy Bodey a gift. I would just take credit from one of the other gifts there. Not really that was a joke, But I really didn't get him anything. I figured a party was good enough. HEHE..... I have to say that I am really sad that my only child is now a BOY he is not a baby or a toddler he is a stinky, dirty the minute he gets out of the bath, talk back to Mom (not Dad) boy!!! Man I love that kid!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My first foster kids. Going home.

Saying goodbye. We had to say goodbye to the little ones that were staying with us. It was time for them to leave. We are all so sad and feel so bad about it. This picture was taken the first week of them coming to my house. They were really sad and didn't trust us very much.

But then they blossomed into these amazing kids. It was so fun to watch time grow and be happy. They loved attention and loved animals. In fact animals loved Gage he is the little one. When we took them camping my in laws brought there dogs and those dogs hate everyone, except Gage he put them at ease. It was really neat to watch. I am going to miss the hell out of them. I have more pictures and well I am lazy and haven't got them off my camera. I also have to call the Geek Squad or someone because I have somehow lost every picture that I backed up on my jump drive. I am completely sick about it too. Any suggestions. I would love the help.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is what I walked it to the other day. I think boys are so funny they totally love to dress up just like girls do. Just not like princesses, they like to be coyboys and Spiderman and whatever gage is. Helmet head!!!

This is Gage!!! He has got to be one of the funniest kids. Very moody, but so funny!!!

This is Tyler, He is very loving and kind. He has a devil side too!!! We only see it every once and a while.

This is the ring leader Bodey!!! He is the one that gets all the kids in trouble. He is mine and we know he is just like me. It scares us all!!!