Friday, May 8, 2009

My Didi! Is she mine?

We go through this daily, the roller coaster ride of foster care! She feels like ours and she acts like us. Then I have to take her to visit her other parents and I feel so torn. I know that if she went back to them her life wold be full of turmoil. It would be very confusing and very hard. No family vacations, no one really to pay attention to her, no one to just take her hiking (my passion) in this wonderful city of hiking ! Her life would be full of selfishness and poor me. How can I give her back, then I think I don't have to give her back I will never have to give her back. The Universe just won't allow her to go, she is too happy to go back to such a sad place. If you believe in the Law of Attraction then you know Like attracts Like and she is not like them.

To change the subject and be happy, speaking of the Law of Attraction I decided to paint Didi's room and I don't have a ton of money so I did her whole room furniture and all for about $150.00. It looks so cute. I went to the DI and got her dresser and redid it. I then bought a changing table at another thrift place and redid that. My husbands boss gave us a 20 year old crib that is in the best shape and I redid it and it is beautiful! I then redid a chair that I stole from my parents and had my mother in law redo the cushions. It looks so cute. I thought I would tell the Universe that I am moving on with her! If anything it makes me feel good when I walk in her room. It is the only room done in the whole house and it has really good Chi.

There are better pictures and I still have a few finishing touches to do. But I am crafting them so anyone that knows me knows that I am a flake and only finish half of my projects so we will see how it goes!


Brody and Ashley said...

So cute! Look how thrifty you are too! I love the dark furniture. We are firm believers in the Law of Attraction as well so we will keep saying she is yours!

Kady said...

It really looks amazing! Way to go Jen. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - and for Didi!

Payton's Place said...

you are awesome! i did Aurora's room with second hand stuff too! it's the best to get something old and worn and give it new life, just like you are doing with Didi! Keep your good energy up and put it out to the universe and she will be yours, i believe that with all my heart! (love the secret!!!)

Brock and Brittany said...

Wow so cute! I love it! I hope that you do get to keep her! Your right its not fair that you can offer her such a wonderful life and she might not have a chance to grow up in such a great family...I pray for her and you every day!

Ted said...

Jen you are such an amazing mom! That nursery turned out so darn cute. I bet Bodey loves her to death. Hand in there and we'll all keep praying for you guys. You're a lucky family who all love each other!! Love, Aunt Jo

Jayne & Alex Nelson said...

way cute Jen! You are so creative!

Sunshine said...

Hey Jennifer,
Her room looks very cute! I just found your blog and see that you have my averylily one on your list! I was very excited!
It is fun to see your pictures and read about your family! I hope everything works out the way you want it to with the baby! She is really cute!
I have another blog that I just do decorating stuff on. It is
Good to see you are doing well!