Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A tribute to Chi Chi!

As for any of you that don't know we lost our little sweet dog Chi Chi. She was hit by a car and was killed instantly. She was the best dog. A little crazy but so loved! My son was so sad, we had a funeral for her and it was really sad. We found out on the last day of trip. We were at my in laws in Mesquite. My little nephew was witness to the whole thing and was so upset, he is only 2 and he cried for 3 hours I guess. As sad as it is my son Bodey which is one of the most tenderhearted kids I know asked me if dogs go to heaven. I said yes, thinking that was it. He then asked about the big gates into heaven if they were real. I just said, "I think so." He then proceeded to ask if we should pray because Chi Chi is such a little dog they might not see her to open the gate. So we prayed and asked god to keep the gates open for Chi Chi. I thought that was the most sweetest thing. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So here is our sweet Chi Chi I hope you all enjoy

Chi Chi loved car rides so much we always had to sneak out or take her with.

Christmas morning!!!This was the morning Bodey and Chi Chi met

This Picture of Didi and Chi Chi is most fitting because that flower in the hat and those glasses. Chi Chi ate them! I was so mad and now who cares its just stuff!

This is Chi Chi on my lap. This was our favorite thing. I watched Grey's and Chi Chi snuggled!


Brody and Ashley said...

Oh no, we are so sorry Jen. Poor Bodey. Little Chi Chi was so cute. So sad :(

Betsey said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! I can tell that Chi Chi was well loved during his brief time. I like to believe that we can be with our loved and lost animals again someday...I know I have a kitty that I would love to hug again. Sweet little Bodey and his precious comment...my heart gushed!! Lots of love and hugs sent your way.

Kady said...

You have got one sweet little boy on your hands. How precious is that? So sorry about Chi Chi. Maybe he just sneaked under the gates because he was so small! :)

Ted said...

I am so sad for all of you. That was one cute little doggie. That brought back a memory of grandma Moore when our dog Tina was killed. It is so hard when a pet dies. It's like one of the family! hang in there and tell Bodey I'm sure he's in heaven running and playing. We're thinking of you guys! Uncle Ted and Aunt Jo